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~'sis, has
~'ddid, had, would


isn'tis not
wasn'twas not
aren'tare not
were'twere not
don'tdo not
doesn'tdoes not
didn'tdid not
can'tcan not
couldn'tcould not
won'twill not
wouldn'twould not
shan'tshall not
shouldn'tshould not
haven'thave not
hasn'thas not
mustn'tmust not

is の短縮形

he'she is
she'sshe is
it'sit is
that'sthat is
who'swho is
what'swhat is
when'swhen is
where'swhere is
why'swhy is
how'show is

has の短縮形

he'she has
she'sshe has
it'sit has
who'swho has
what'swhat has
when'swhen has
where'swhere has
why'swhy has
how'show has

am の短縮形

I'mI am

are の短縮形

you'reyou are
we'rewe are
they'rethey are
these'rethese are
those'rethose are
who'rewho are
what'rewhat are
when'rewhen are
where'rewhere are
why'rewhy are
how'rehow are

will の短縮形

I'llI will
you'llYou will
he'llhe will
she'llshe will
it'llit will
we'llwe will
they'llthey will
this'llthis will
that'llthat will
these'llthese will
those'llthose will
who'llwho will
what'llwhat will
when'llwhen will
where'llwhere will
why'llwhy will
how'llhow will

have の短縮形

I'veI have
you'veyou have
we'vewe have
they'vethey have
could'vecould have
should'veshould have
would'vewould have
might'vemight have
who'vewho have
what'vewhat have
when'vewhen have
where'vewhere have
why'vewhy have
how'vehow have

did の短縮形

who'dwho did
what'dwhat did
when'dwhen did
where'dwhere did
why'dwhy did
how'dhow did

had の短縮形

I'dI had
you'dyou had
he'dhe had
she'dshe had
it'dit had
we'dwe had
they'dthey had
that'dthat had
what'dwhat had
who'dwho had
how'dhow had
who'dwho had
what'dwhat had
where'dwhere had
why'dwhy had
how'dhow had

would の短縮形

I'dI would
you'dyou would
he'dhe would
she'dshe would
it'dit would
we'dwe would
they'dthey would
that'dthat would
what'dwhat would
who'dwho would
when'dwhen wold
where'dwhere would
why'dwhy would
how'dhow would

not have の短縮形

couldn't'vecould not have
shouldn'tveshould not have
mustn't'vemust not have
wouldn't'vewould not have


'twasit was
attathat's the
attaboythat's the boy
betchabet you
gimmegive me
gonnagoing to
gotchagot you
gottagot to
kindakind of
lemmelet me
let'slet us
oughtaought to
outtaout of
shouldashould have
sortasort of
thattagirlthat's the girl
wannawant to


ain'tam not